Tami Tyson | Hormones and weight gain
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Hormones and weight gain

Hormones and weight gain

Hormones and Weight Gain


There are 7 hormones that control your metabolism, hunger, and ability to store or burn body fat.  They can literally make or break your ability to gain and lose weight.  I should mention the hormones I’m talking about have absolutely nothing to do with your baby making hormones.  If one hormone is off balance they will snowball and affect the other I’m speaking from experience… These are the hormones, what they do and how they affect you and other hormones…



LEPTIN – Leptin tells your brain that you’re full and regulates metabolism so you burn more fat when your body needs to. For fat loss, you want sleep so plenty of leptin so your brain knows to keep the metabolism burning hot… The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism concluded sleep duration influences leptin production, because “sleep modulates a major component of the neuroendocrine control of appetite…” a leptin imbalance adversely affects other hormones like cortisol…

CORTISOL – Cortisol is a stress hormone. It’s responsible for temporary adrenal burst for ‘flight or fight responses.’ It it’s also released when you’re feeling stressed out: stuck in a traffic jam, freaked out about finances, or because you’re not getting enough sleep. You can also experience stress internally if you exercise too much or eat too many toxic, processed foods. Chronic exposure and elevated cortisol levels triggers your body to store fat and breaks down muscle. A 1997 the journal Sleep, published a study titled “Sleep Loss Results in an Elevation of Cortisol Levels the Next Evening.” The study found that cortisol levels should occur in the morning so the effect can taper off throughout the day… and high cortisol levels could increase stress more, further impairing your ability to think clearly, cope with life events, sleep, and properly metabolize food. All of which can slow your metabolism down and having you tossing and turning well into the next night…

Interesting stuff!!

Make sure to keep your eye open for my new program coming in 2018 geared for eating right to balance your hormones.


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    Great content explained in very simple terms….I need help in this area

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