Tami Tyson | Could Anxiety be linked to absorbing foods?
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Could Anxiety be linked to absorbing foods?

Could Anxiety be linked to absorbing foods?

I didn’t digest my food even as a little little girl. ?My mom would say what went in came out looking exactly the same.? I was NOT absorbing my nutrients. I have suffered with anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, seizures for much of my life and it was all because of my GUT!! ?
That is where it all started.
Crazy hey?
I always had tummy aches as a child, I almost always had anxiety although I had no name for it. ??
My body did not have the ability to break down foods properly.

I needed enzymes??
– Did you know that amylase is an important enzyme that helps you break down Carbs??
– Enzymes help break down foods in the digestive track so we can actually absorb the good stuff
– protease, Lipase and amylase are specific enzymes that break down food
– We used to get more enzymes from our food- NOT ANYMORE!!
– The amount we make in our bodies decreases with age

Who knew that this little thing called an enzyme could change my life so dramatically

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