Tami Tyson | Are using laxatives bad ?
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Are using laxatives bad ?

Are using laxatives bad ?

Weight loss is a challenge for many individuals who are struggling with obesity or simply looking to burn fat. This has led to the rise of many online tips and suggestions for losing weight. The result is that readers become overwhelmed and wonder what works and what does not. Even if they find what works, some overuse and even abuse the methods and/or tips they have learned.
Laxative abuse is just one of many examples.
The dangers of taking laxatives to lose weight are serious. If you are taking laxatives for weight loss, then it is critical that you know and understand the side effects of using laxatives daily to lose weight.
What does a laxative do and what happens when you take a laxative?
Laxatives are drugs that increase bowel movements in users. Excessive use of laxatives can lead to many other co-morbid (when you have two disorders or illnesses at the same time, such as anxiety and insomnia) health disorders. Bottom line, taking laxatives to lose weight is unsafe, inefficient, and can even be counterproductive to your weight loss battle.

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