Tami Tyson | Can I eat to much protein on a ketogenic diet?
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Can I eat to much protein on a ketogenic diet?

Can I eat to much protein on a ketogenic diet?

Yes you can

If you consume excessive protein then your body will turn the amino acids into glucose through a biochemical process called gluconeogenesis

If you notice yourself coming out of ketosis than see how you are responding to the amount of protein in your meals.  Some people need higher protein levels, while others can do just fine on lower protein levels. That is why in my meal plan I have divided into 3 phases to help you find the prefect formula for you.

The key variables include your level of exercise intensity and type of exercise (resistance vs aerobic) and your desire to gain muscle or lose weight.  Join my Edge workouts online. Someone who does intense resistance training in order to gain muscle will need more potein than someone who is the same size and is doing aerobic or resistance training to lose weight.  Another person who weighs the same but is only walking for exercise, will need even less than the other two.

You want to aim for about 1 gram per kg of body weight.  So, if you weigh about 160 lbs which comes out too (160/2.2 lb/per kg) 73 grams of protein.  And are adding in our Edge workouts , you can go up to 100-120 grams but if you aren’t then  around 80 grams a day on my off days.

Take your weight and divide by 2.2 to figure out the grams of protein per kg of body weight.  Aim to get this on your lighter workout days.  If you are doing more strength training or trying to gain muscle, bump it up to 1.6 grams per kg.

Sedentary Individuals:  0.6-1.0 g/kg of body weight.  If you are not exercising intensely, you may struggle to get into ketosis with 1 g/kg of protein, so try to drop it back to 0.6-0.8 and see how you do.

Active But Not High Intensity Training:  0.8-1.0 g/kg of body weight.  If you are walking on a regular basis but not doing high intensity training (leaves you out of breath) or strength training than try 0.8 g/kg and see what your ketone levels look like.

High Intensity Training:  1.0-1.6 g/kg.  If you are training with weights or doing sprint style of exercise at least 3-4 times per week than you will most likely need more than 1.0 g/kg.  This would be for those of you doing my Edge workouts. Try experimenting by bumping it up to 1.2 g/kg and inch towards 1.6 g/kg and see how you feel and what your ketone readings look like.

It is ideal to get your protein in 3-5 different servings daily with a minimum of 15 grams and a maximum of 50 grams per meal.  The lower level is for a light weight individual while the upper limit is for a very large, strength training male..

Most of us should aim for 20-35 grams per meal.   I sugget playing around with the amount of protein you are consuming and see what works for you.



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