Tami Tyson | Can you get to much protein?
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Can you get to much protein?

Can you get to much protein?

Even when you’ve reduced carbs and bumped up your fat, too much protein can actually be a problem.

When it comes to energy tje body prefers to break down fats or carbohydrates for fuel and save protein for other processes, like building muscle.

The body can only metabolize a certain amount of protein at one time, so when consumed in large quantities, excess protein has the possibility of being converted to energy. For example, protein can be converted to energy during periods of prolonged exercise, or while exercising in a fasted state. In a ketogenic diet, too much protein could blunt any fat-adaptive responses.

Which means it can make you stop loseing weight. It .ight be the reason you are stuck.

Similar to how ingesting carbohydrates can induce an insulin response, too much protein can also trigger a high insulin response. Protein contains insulinogenic amino acids, or amino acids that spur insulin production, so these amino acids induce a higher insulin release.

Insulin is an important hormone in the body needed to maintain optimum health. It’s a key hormone for many metabolic processes. For example, it ensures the necessary cells receive glucose for energy and plays a big role in fat metabolism.

However, when insulin is too high, fat metabolism drastically slows down. So, when too much insulin is released at one time—after a very high carbohydrate or protein meal, for example—the body turns to carbohydrate-derived energy as its main source of fuel (glucose), reduces the signal to use fat for energy, and goes into fat storage mode.

So make sure your proteins aren’t to high

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