Tami Tyson | Health benefits of coconut flour
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Health benefits of coconut flour

Health benefits of coconut flour

The Benefits of Coconut Flour

  1. Rich in fiber
  2. Improves blood sugar
  3. Improves metabolism
  4. Aids in digestion

Rich in Fiber

Coconut flour comes directly from the meat of coconuts. WiIth that being said, coconut meat is made up of over 60 percent fiber. A half a cup serving of coconut flour is packed with ten grams of fiber, meaning it’s total net carb count is only six grams.

#Improves Blood Sugar

The glycemic index of a food is extremely telling in whether or not a food will spike your blood sugar levels. Coconut flour in particular has a low glycemic index  meaning that it supports stable blood sugar levels that can be helpful for individuals with diabetes or people looking to increase their health in general[*].

Improves Metabolism

Wondering why coconut flour is such a nutritional powerhouse? One reason is that it is abundant in medium chain fatty acids or medium chain triglycerides. MCTs are the perfect source of energy.  because they don’t need other enzymes to be absorbed by your body. If you’re looking for the most efficient saturated fat for energy production, MCTs would be at the top of the list.

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