Tami Tyson | SLEEP- The forgotten piece of true health
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SLEEP- The forgotten piece of true health

SLEEP- The forgotten piece of true health

Sleep is when you body recharges. I believe it is when your body is healing itself.

Did you know that your body naturally releases Hormones that encourage sleep during times of sickness.

If you are not waking up feeling energized and if you need an alarm clock you are most likely not getting enough sleep.

Some tips to help you sleep better

  • Keep your room cool
  • keep your room dark
  • keep your room strictly for resting or sleeping and nothing else
  • eliminate stimulants from your diet
  • make sure you are taking your minerals and vitamins
  • Do deep breathing before you fall asleep

Remember everyone needs different amounts of sleep. Listen to your body  and make sure you are getting enough


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