Tami Tyson | How to do a coffee enema
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How to do a coffee enema

How to do a coffee enema

Things you will need

  • coffee ( make sure its organic and not flavoured)
  • filtered water — do not use tap water without boiling it!
  • an enema kit

To start fill the enema bag with this first quart of 2 cups coffee and  2 cups of water.

Lubricate the tip of the enema kit with coconut oil, insert it, release the clamp, and let the coffee slowly flow in. Make sure to hang the enema bag higher then the tube so no air pockets form.

You can hold it in as long as you can. The 1st time I couldn’t hold it very long, but each time it is easier to hold it longer.

Use 3 tablespoons of coffee to 2 quarts of water.

Here are some  tips that might help  you

–If you can’t comfortably hold your finger in the coffee + water mixture  then its a good temp.

— Massage your tummy if you feel any cramping. Gas can cause cramping. Its just a  build up in the large intestine or air from the enema tube. Rolling on to your back or to your left side will often alleviate the cramping, as will a light tummy massage.

— Remove all air from the enema hose. After you fill the enema bag with coffee, release the valve and allow the coffee to flow out and come out the end of the hose first.

— Lay on your right side during the enema. The coffee travels up the transverse colon (on your left side) and to the portal vein of the liver/gallbladder (on the right side).

— Your enema liquid should be room temperature. Too hot, and you risk burning yourself or the inside of your colon. Ouch. Too cold, and it can be very difficult to retain and may cause cramping.

—Drink plenty of water after your enema . Something i drink every single day is  a pinch of sea salt  to  water. Its really good to drink after a enema because it keeps your  electrolytes balanced.




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