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Parasites and other pathogens thrive off of undigested food, so sticking to clean and healthy choices are your best bet.  (80% fresh, raw & unprocessed—20% cooked or treated)

It is also highly recommended that you remove all animal meats and by-products during a parasite cleanse. Since one of the highest food-based sources of infection comes from commercial animals, it is best to avoid these during a cleanse.

Listed below are some Natural Parasite fighting foods.



Coconut oil


spicy foods






Apple cider Vinegar

Drinking filtered water

I also sell a herbal supplement that fights parasite infections.  Pm Tami Tyson on my facebook  page and I can send you details.

During your 90 day cleanse you will take 3-6 pills a day. You want to make sure you are going to the bathroom regularly as well. We not only need to kill the parasites but also flush them from the body. Drinking lots of clean filtered water is very important. After the 90 days wait 21 days and then do 7 days off the pills.  Do this cycle for the next 6 months. This way you will kill all the eggs when they hatch each month.

I use bio resenance therapy in conjunction with parasite cleansing. If you have a bio resenance practitioner near you I highly recommend it.

I have personally worked with hundreds of people with parasites and  have successfully gotten rid of them.



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