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We blend multiple techniques, and use modifications to create a truly unique training environment right in your own home! From novice to advanced – Tyson Method Workouts produce fast, effective results!

If you have an internet connection and 20 minutes, our On Demand Program is the perfect way to fit a workout in your day. No special equipment required!

Workout in the comfort of your home or wherever you might be. On Demand moves with you.

The month-to-month plan gets you an all-access pass to 5 new weekly workouts and a different video every day.

We have over 200 workout videos in our library. With so much variety, you’ll be sure to stay motivated!


See What’s Included:



This dynamic workout creates a strong core from the inside out. We hit the pelvic area which helps to create the flat, toned stomach you have always wanted.



Get ready to kick, punch and sweat like never before!

If you want to get shredded, then this is the workout for you!



Lift and tone your booty and get sculpted legs with this intensified lower body workout. Results? Long, lean muscle and a tight booty that every woman wants.



Do you want sculpted, toned abs and a flat stomach?

This is the workout designed especially for the results you want!



This traditional workout is fast paced with sweat drenching moves that will drive your heart rate up to burn fat like never before. You will love how you feel!


Month-to-Month Plan

New Online Workout Video Every Day

5 Fresh, Effective Workouts Each Week

20 Minutes a Day

Cancel your subscription at any time

Your Name

After you pay you will be emailed your username & password to the email address you provide. Make sure to check your spam/junk folder.

meet your trainers

Tami Tyson has been an advocate for a fit and healthy lifestyle since she was 18 years old and opened her first gym. She has competed in International Fitness competitions and came away with numerous wins. Tami has been a motivational fitness leader and speaker for over 20 years and has trained and transformed thousands of women, helping them on their journey to healthy living from the inside out. Tami is a woman on a mission to help women live their best lives.

Charles Tyson became obsessed with fitness and martial arts as a teen. He admittedly did everything wrong, but learned from observation. Remaining active in his early adult years, Charles played many sports, and competed in physique competitions. He worked as a private, and small group and class instructor in Toronto and Los Angeles, and developed a unique fitness system. Charles has a passion for helping others to achieve their fitness goals.